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The AleVida Newsletter is published biweekly and brings AleVida to you. Each issue I’ll send you the latest from my radio and writing world, what I’m listening to and reading, what’s new in my world, and more. We’ll also dive into the archive caves and check on some of the work friends are publishing.

Previous Issues:

  1. Volume 1|Issue 1 8-14-2018 PILOT Gunman Opens Fire at Radio Station, Democratic Primary
  2. Volume 1|Issue 2 8-27-2018 AUGUST My First Newspaper Cover Story, 20th Anniversary of My Fathers Death, & more.
  3. Volume 1|Issue 3 9-24-2018 SEPTEMBER Anniversary of Hurricane Maria Hitting Puerto Rico, Madison Floods, Radicals Win Championship



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The response to the first two issues of the newsletter filled my heart with joy. I cannot thank you enough for all the sign ups, emails and feedback. So often, I work in the obscurity of a windowless studio without knowing who’s reading or listening. Hearing from you was wonderful. And for those who forwarded the newsletter to family and friends, Gracias! Make sure they sign up here!

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Puerto Rico

When Hurricane Maria struck Puerto Rico’s southern shore on September 20th of last year, I never expected the storm to knock out power for more than 365 days. I also never expected my adopted home to go 2,500 miles out of its way to help my native island.


I felt lucky to write about this connection between my homes and hearts. First, Madison Mayor Paul Soglin visited Toa Baja, and later Mayor Bernardo Marquez Garcia came to WI. They bonded over different ideas for the future of Toa Baja, including using solar panels to alleviate blackouts.

Introducing “You Hang Up First”

This summer, I teamed up with University of Wisconsin Professor Catalina Toma to record a podcast all about relationships and how technology is changing them. You can already hear episodes on 89.9 WORT FM every Wednesday on the 6PM News. In October, we roll out the podcast. Below is a special piece we recorded on video games after the World Health Organization classified them as addictive.



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In Case You Missed It:


The Madison Radicals are AUDL Champions!

Our interview with the Madison Radicals after their championship win was a feat of teamwork, much like the Radical’s victory. Longtime radio partner Sarah Hopefl hosted the interview while I pulled the strings on the road to Wyoming to start grad school.


She’s a Champion

Robyn Wiseman is now the first woman to win an AUDL championship. The previous issue featured work for Isthmus covering Robyn’s journey. This summer, I teamed up with Caitlin Murphy to create two podcast episodes about Robyn and the struggle for gender equity in sports: “Activated” & “Break the Point, Shatter the Glass Ceiling”. These may be two of my favorite podcast episodes yet.

Eyes & Ears: What I’m Reading & Hearing


Flooding Back Home

The five lakes that surround Madison and the streams that feed those aquatic giants reached record water levels in August, closing roads, damaging property, and taking one life. Just as my island of Puerto Rico seemed to be getting back on its feet, my city on the isthmus is now under threat. Meanwhile, Houston continues to recover from Harvey and the Carolinas brace for Florence.


As hard as it is to watch my home flood from afar, the stories put together by my friends and colleagues kept me close. Dylan Brogan‘s cover story for Isthmus shows the scope of the crisis across the city, along with his piece on a severely damaged neighborhood where he refers to some streets as “ghost towns.” Nina Kravinsky spoke with a UW scientist about the flash floods, and Chali Pittman checked on the rural parts of Dane County, far outside the city.
WORT Reporter Cameron Bren took a drone to survey some of the flooding on Madison’s east side. Near the Tenney Park lagoon, water jumped the banks and shut down Johnson street, a major artery down Madison’s narrow isthmus.


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InstaFeature: Flooded Bucky from @Beeevco




Before You Go…

There’s pollution in the world and in ourselves. We pollute our own environment. We poison us. We let the toxicity build. It clouds our minds, clogs our arteries, chokes our lungs until our souls are on life support. You must become conservationists to your own body and spirit. Purify the lakes and waterways of your being. Clear the skies in your eyes. Love is what makes up the cosmos. But until you clean up the smog, you won’t be able to see the stars.

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