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The AleVida Newsletter is published biweekly and brings AleVida to you. Each issue I’ll send you the latest from my radio and writing world, what I’m listening to and reading, what’s new in my world, and more. We’ll also dive into the archive caves and check on some of the work friends are publishing.

Previous Issues:

  1. Volume 1|Issue 1 8-14-2018 Shooting at Radio Station, Democratic Primary
  2. Volume 1|Issue 2 8-27-2018 My First Newspaper Cover Story, 20th Anniversary of My Fathers Death, & more.

The Following Issue was published 8-14-2018. Volume 1|Issue 1


Hola everybody,

Alejandro here. This is a new project I’ve been working on since June. It’s a biweekly newsletter that follows my radio and writing work. I’d planned a different introduction, but such are the plans of mice and men. The first issue comes under duress and with great urgency. An account of the last few days; clean and true to the times.

Stay safe out there,

Shooting at Radio Station

When I decided to create this newsletter, the last thing I expected was a shooting to headline the first issue. But that’s exactly what happened after Sunday’s attack on my station, 89.9 FM WORT Madison.

I arrived early that morning to work on this very newsletter. WORT is a community radio station in Madison, WI and my home away from home. Here’s our official press release from that day and hear how volunteers are picking up the pieces (below).

Feature: What Kind of Day Has it Been

Volunteers and listeners reacted as news of the shooting unfolded Sunday and Monday. I put together a breaking piece highlighting the people who make WORT happen and how they are coping with the shooting. 

Each issue of the AleVida Newsletter will present a featured audio story. 


The Cover of the Wisconsin State Journal. Local and national media outlets sent their support. “It’s not a normal story for them,” says President Devereaux Weber.


Eyes & Ears: What I’m Reading & Hearing

Local Media Interview

For two days our studios were full of TV cameras and concerned journalists. CNNNBC15 affiliate, and others. ABC affiliate WKOW Channel 27 spoke with the victims and with me about our volunteer community. Also President Dave Devereaux-Weber stood tall as the brave face of our station. Here’s our interview.  

About the show & the DJs

Earlier this summer, WORT volunteer and staffer for Isthmus  newspaper Dylan Brogan, profiled the mission of the DJs who were targeted. The show is called Universal Soul Explosion and is famous for its service to incarcerated listeners. It’s considered by many as a model of WORT’s community outreach mission. The DJs vow to continue their work.

It’s Election Day in Wisconsin, Gov2018

Still don’t know who to vote for in Tuesday’s primary? Listen or watch our Democratic gubernatorial debate. You can also hear our interviews with the candidates.  Double check what you need to vote in Wisconsin. This is the first competitive primary for the Democrats in a generation. Seven candidates have a path to victory. 


Tweety Bird of the Month:
Local and National Media Are Reaching Out

InstaFeature: WORT News Director Molly Stentz Rallies the Reporters


Before You Go… 

…don’t let fear change you. More importantly, do not fear change. Evolve to strengthen who you are, what you stand for, and the community you love. Don’t adjust to the detriment of your own identity. Safety and security should protect the missions and values we hold dear, not stand in their way. “When they go low, we go high.” 

I want to hear from you. Drop me an email.





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