How You Can Help the Dream


If you like what we have going on here, there are plenty of ways to help out!

You can contribute to the cause by:

  • Donating through Pay Pal. Every little donation helps this starving writer achieve his dreams. Just click here. All money goes towards helping keep the website up, continue my research, write like mad and publish my first book.
  • Spreading the word! Let your friends know, your family know, your acquaintances, boss, even that annoying guy at work, everybody. Getting the word adds energy.
  • Send a link to 5 people (through email, facebook, smoke signals) and ask them to send it to a 3-5 people. This helps out more than you can imagine. If you send to 3, and they send to 3, and those people send to 3…. well then we might have something great happen here!
  • Keep Visiting! Just visiting regularly helps out tremendously!
  • Comment! I love to read your thoughts to find out what you like, want more of, think can be better and all that! Get a buzz goin, start a debate, give feedback!

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