Bon Vivant

In honor of my father, Dr. Anselmo Alonso- who was a man of life, esteem and passion- this page and content will be dedicated to the pursuit of the Bon Vivant type of life in memory of a man who lived his life so fully.

Live Every Day of Your Life- Dr. Anselmo Alonso, 1958-1998.


Bon Vivant: A Definition

When Translated from French it means “One Who Lives Well.” Webster defines it as “a person having cultivated, refined, and sociable tastes especially with respect to food and drink.” Though I can definitely agree with the ‘drink’ aspect of that definition, Bon Vivant includes a “cultivated and refined” passion for everything that makes life good and worthwhile—art, film, literature, music, athletics, food, drink, adventure, traveling, love, and etcetera. It also includes a passion for living, a curiosity for learning, education and pursuing new frontiers; also being a person of excellent company. Being alive must be contagious! If my father were still here, I’m sure he would have something to add. But, for now at least, these are the ideas I remember to live by.

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