“You Hang Up First: Just Ten More Minutes” Special Episode

This summer, I teamed up with University of Wisconsin Professor Catalina Toma to record a podcast all about our relationships and how technology is changing them. You can already hear episodes on 89.9 WORT FM every Wednesday on the 6PM News. In October, we roll out […]

Bourdain, A Hemingway In Our Time

  Anthony Bourdain’s death in June hit me profoundly and silently, in the dark place where souls and secrets reside. Whereas most of my heroes are long gone (Hemingway, Neruda, my father), Bourdain lived among us. He discovered our streets, dined with our president, lived out our […]

What Kind of Day Has It Been

After a gunman opened fire on DJs at WORT Madison, volunteers at the community radio station began picking up the pieces. WORT is a Madison community radio station. For the past two years I’ve spent more than 40 hours a week working or volunteering as […]

Isthmus: Cover Story

My first cover story for Isthmus profiled Robyn Wiseman’s journey to become the first woman to play for the Madison Radicals, Wisconsin’s professional ultimate Frisbee team, and her battle for gender equity in sports. Read the full story here and see my thoughts on the piece […]

Break the Point, Shatter the Glass Ceiling

Stop the Roll, Episode 2 Robyn Wiseman became the first woman to play for the Madison Radicals. We talk to Robyn and her family, along with fans and Coach Tim DeByl about the historic day. Tweet

Politicast: Big Money & Wisconsin’s Supreme Court

We take a look at the Wisconsin Supreme Court race to examine how money in judicial elections without proper recusal rules is a dangerous mix. We speak with journalist Bill Lueders and candidate Rebecca Dallet. Tweet

Wiseman, Status: Activated

The Madison Radicals activated Robyn Wiseman for their home game against the Detroit Mechanix. If Wiseman steps onto the field in Sunday, she will be the first woman to play for Madison’s professional Ultimate Frisbee Team. Tweet

Finding Pieces of You

My father died 20 years ago. My sister (and fellow journalist) Andrea Alonso wrote a piece about the ways we hold onto him in our memories. Together we crafted her written work into a radio essay. Death is just the scapegoat. Time is the real […]

Memory of Our Beloved Father

On a Saturday morning, February 7th, 1998, Dr. Anselmo Alonso crashed his car en route to work. By the early hours of Sunday, February 8th, he passed away. He was survived by his wife- my mother- Annabel Galva and six children; Anselmo, Javier, Alejandro, Augusto, […]

Letter from Joe Clarke, Award Winning Director & Writer

Dear Readers, Alejandro is one of those friends that would take a bullet for you. In fact, he almost did. While on set for a short movie, Alejandro strapped six realistic prop guns onto his body. Unfortunately, the Chief of Police was called onto the […]