Letter from Joe Clarke, Award Winning Director & Writer

April 16th, 2012

Dear Readers,

Alejandro is one of those friends that would take a bullet for you. In fact, he almost did. While on set for a short movie, Alejandro strapped six realistic prop guns onto his body. Unfortunately, the Chief of Police was called onto the scene, thinking an actual shooting was about to occur. While I was directing the scene the officers came in, guns pointed at Alejandro. We later found out the Chief of Police had been recently trained to shoot first and ask questions later in those situations. Thankfully, all that resulted from the mess is a humorous story we can reminisce about in the future.

Project08 is a fascinating personal and creative endeavor. It ties together the mask of the original Obama campaign with his own unique life experiences. While most of the media you see on Obama’s campaign is about the President, this project focuses on the campaign itself. It’s a fresh spin on a topic that will be advantageous to read about as we head into the next election.

I’m looking forward to keeping up with Project08 and AleVida.com. The great thing about Alejandro is how he has experienced so much in his short lifetime. He has many great stories to tell. A frequent traveler, he has encountered an incredible amount of diverse people, and I can’t wait to read the different stories that he shares with the world. Women, hipsters, food, The Beatles, and culture are just a few of the topics I’ve appreciated in our conversations and expect to enjoy reading through his unique perspective.

The best thing about Alejandro is that he knows that there is something worth living for in this lifetime. Although he may not know what that is, he knows the fun is discovering the joy of it. Enjoy la vida, and Alevida.

Joe Clarke

Mr. Clarke is an award winning film director and writer. A UI alumnus, he is critically acclaimed in the Iowa film community. He holds awards for Best Picture and the “Best Representation of Iowa Film Making.” His work can be seen at JoeClarkeCity.com

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