The Introduction

By Alejandro Alonso

Dear Reader,

The “Stories” section of the site was the original idea behind the birth of AleVida. Whereas the articles are functionally the bread and butter, for me personally this is  the heart and soul.

The section is dedicated to short stories, novellas, series, memoirs, the occasional poem and maybe even some day full scale novels. It is literature as I dream it to be. All being well, incarnate in the grandiose form I imagine. Yet, it is simply named “Stories,” because at the end of the day behind the smoke and mirrors of literature that’s all we are, stories.  Each person is a library of books and each heart a sea of poetry. All of us stories and some of us taking on the awkward task of being both story and story teller, to live it and tell it. We invert ourselves to face our own being along with the world, simultaneously, against all the laws of physics. We fold in, all the while desperately hoping not to implode. Still, we do it to tell others something— a lesson, inspiration, a joke—even if we don’t really know what it is. In the end it is just a story we want to tell and that makes the difference. We endeavor to be sincere while painting the portrait of the world. Literature imitates life, so I will write about life.

It may be years before my work achieves such altitudes. Until then I can only hope to have vision, life dreams and good stories. Obviously this is an attempt to be seen by the world, to gain traction in an increasingly competitive walk of life. It is also an effort to work my craft, experiment different ideas and perhaps reach people. Whereas the articles will be a collage of work from journalism to stream of consciousness opinions, this work will strive to be more carefully crafted and honed. It won’t be polished and perfect, but certainly created with more love.

Although the articles will be updated with relative frequency, a story will only be posted when one seems appropriate and ready. Not too be taken too seriously, but still wanting to be careful. Just as with the rest of the site, things will happen organically as they jump into my head and as readers like you give feedback. Hopefully you will enjoy the entire site and this section specifically. Gracias, thank you and wish me luck!